Diğer standart ingilizce seviyelerine nazaran, tam seviyeyi belirleyen Avrupa Konseyi, 2. dil olarak  ingilizce öğretim ve konuşma çerçevesinde geliştirdiği “Ortak Çerçeve Programı” (CEFR) ile bu durumu bir kritere bağlamıştır. “CEFR”Avrupa Konseyi tarafından kabul edilmiş ve tüm dünyada da giderek yaygın hale gelen bir standart olmuştur.

CEFR standardında yer alan seviyelere göre konu başlıklarını inceleyebilirsiniz.

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Başlangıç seviyesinden, diğer bütün seviyelere kadar ölçüm yapabilen “CEFR” standartlarına uygun olarak hazırlanmış sınavımıza katılabilirsiniz.

Seviyelere Göre Konu Başlıkları A1 A2 B1 B2 C1
GRAMMAR Subject Pronouns

The verb, “to be”

Present Simple

Wh questions

Like + verb + ing

Present continuous


Must, Mustn’t


A few/a lot of

Past Simple



Present Perfect

Going to(Future)



Present Simple vs. Present Continuous

A little/little

A few/a lot of/many

Should/need to/had to/used to


Past Simple vs. Past Continuous




Relative Pronouns


Reported Speech

Future Simple Tense

Going to/Will



Passive Voice

Future Continuous

Reported Speech

1st Conditionals

2nd Conditionals


Should, could, ought

Be able to, could, have to, must, need

Present Perfect


Going to, will

Used to, while

Relative Clauses

Question Tags

Compound Adjectives

Used to/Get used to

Past Perfect Simple

Past Perfect Continuous


Phrasal Verbs

3rd Conditionals


Wish Clauses

Indirect Questions



Future Perfect Continuous


Paraphrasing using


Conjunctions & Linking Words

Speculating & making

Logical assumptions;

Past models

Past verb forms with

Present or Future


Mixed conditionals

Distancing Devices

Adding Emphasis

Cleft Sentences

Reflexive Pronouns



VOCABULARY Get ReadyMeet and GreetPeopleLifestylesAround the TownFood and ShoppingTravelThe World Around Us Our Leisure TimeWork and PlayTell Me The NewsGetting AroundInternational TravelHealth and SafetyThe World Around UsPeople Around Us ShoppingFinancesBooks and MoviesTravelHealthFood and DrinkCommunicationGlobal Issues Living AbroadAncient CitiesCommunicationInternational DaysCustoms and RitualsCrime and PunishmentThe OlympicsHeroes Further antonymsSynonyms & WordsAncient civilizationsPrefixes: under & overLaws and policiesHumorEthicsConflictIntolerance
READING Ordering Food And Drinks

Changing Money at an Exchange Office

Shopping for Food

Apologizing to someone

Responding to news

Shopping for a gift


Polite requests

Order online

Information about articles for sale

Holiday Plans

Understand motives in story

Understand a narrative text


Asteroid Threat

An Ethical Dilemma?

Breaking Down Walls

The Gaming

WRITING Preparing a shopping list

Describing a place

Describing people’s personalities

Writing a Story

Using public transportations

Giving and following directions

Give Advice

Interview someone about his/her experiences

Write a CV

Write an effective summary

Write a letter of recommendation

A screenplay synopsis

Write a diary narrative

Letter to the editor

Discursive essay

Fictional Narrative

CONVERSATION Talking about the past, present and future

Talking about weekend plans

Describing sports

Sharing simple personal information

Giving advice about cell phones

Discuss health problems

Dealing with border controls

Relating past events

Talk about future possibilities

Narrate an event

Discuss safety and potential problems with social media

Discuss space travel

Talk about wishes and regrets in the past

Give and support personal opinions

Discuss relationship problems

Debate the amount of money spent on space exploration

Discuss lesser-known aspects of movies

Defend yourself in court

Discuss how you deal with conflict